“The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much like life.” -Arthur Miller


Hey readers,

Welcome to “I can’t. I have rehearsal.”: A unique look into the Theatre department at Rowan University. Over time, I plan to focus this blog on providing readers with an in-depth and personal look into the lives of Theatre majors by focusing on those of Rowan University. By combining first person accounts, reviews of shows produced in the professional world by Rowan directors, and detailed descriptions of what goes on behind the curtains, in the classrooms, on the dance floor, in the wood shop, and so on, I hope to reconstruct the public (or as much of it that I can influence) opinion of what it means to be a “theatre kid.” And while it may be hard to believe, the major offers more opportunities than starving on the streets in a house built of dreams.

To establish my stand, I’m not a bleeding heart representative for better treatment of my own kind. I am a Theatre major, I have a wide array of opinions on the matter myself, but I realize the stereotype that often comes with obtaining a degree in reciting a monologue in the form of a budding sunflower. Weird things go on in these classes, yes, but if I accomplish nothing else through this blog, I do need to stress how much more goes into becoming a performer than artsy-fartsy classes and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. In what hopefully will be my next post, I look forward to explaining the rigorous, physically exhausting routines of Movement For The Actor (Viewpoints), that I am positive require just as much, if occasionally not more, stamina than any team sport.

And contrary to popular belief, the major has more homework than one could probably imagine. Take the required historic readings, three scripts a semester, Gen. Ed. assignments, and your lines for any show that casts you. And while the Living Theatre and Introduction To Performance courses may weird you out, the skills in confidence, self-discovery, speech and muscle memory are ones I personally would recommend for even the most skeptical Math (is that opposite enough from Theatre?) major. Maybe artsy courses were never your thing, maybe you played sports your whole life and majored in Math, but even you want to find yourself in college, right? Take a few semesters to roll on the floor and get in touch with your body, and tell me you didn’t love what it did for your mind.

Maybe I sound like I’m taking myself too seriously, but I promise you, reader, if you keep up with my blog, I can give you a rare chance to see into the lifestyles of people who more or less major in getting to know their existence in relation to reality. If that at least sounds interesting, it’s worth knowing more about. Because the show must go on. (Shameless pun.)

Until next time,



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Catherine Kustra | 19 | student blogger | nail biter | Starbucks enthusiast | sorry in advance if you misinterpret my sense of humor | bilingual | likes getting a degree for rolling around on the floor and getting in touch with my body | I love words | frequent fainter | highly opinionated.

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