Rowan University Musical Theatre Company’s final dress rehearsal for “Seussical The Musical”


Pre-show tension and vocal warm-ups fill the backstage atmosphere for Suessical The Musical’s final dress rehearsal tonight. Much thanks to director Brian Gratziani for allowing me to photograph the final moments before opening night, as well as the performance itself. I look forward to updating this post throughout the night as the rehearsal process and show goes on.

The Wickersham Brothers (left to right: Andrew Spinosi, Tyler Garamella and Anthony Magnotta) practice "Monkeying Around" with choreographer Jessica Evans.

Make-up designer Mandee Ashley prepares Alexandra Reggi for her role as Mayzie.

Horton The Elephant (Bryan Neel) in "Solla Sollew."

Wickersham Brothers Andy Spinosi, Tyler Garamella and Anthony Magnotta in "Horton Hears A Who."

Jojo (Katie Knoblock), The Cat In The Hat (Nikole Lee Zane) and ensemble in "I's Possible (McElligot's Pool)."


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  1. The pictures are fantastic, every picture is in focus and shows the drama that the musical is supposed to have. I really enjoyed looking at the closeups and how colorful the pictures are.

    • I can’t locate your other comment now, but it’s Seussical The Musical. I thought I’d be overwhelmed with cheesiness, but it’s got some surprisingly deep themes in it. Thanks for the compliment on my photos, the quality is actually way worse than usual because my internal flash is broken due to an accident my Nikon suffered at a party a couple weeks ago. Sad face.

  2. Nice action/candid shots of the cast of Seussical! You really captured the emotions of the cast during their rehearsals. I know some directors don’t like pictures taken at rehearsals, so good job taking advantage of the opportunity.

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