To follow protocol and to be polite, I must, with the heaviest of hearts, post this gut-wrenching goodbye to all three of my readers.

As much as I would love to and half expect to keep up this blog over time, I will be admittedly taking a break to continue living my double-major life. I have very much enjoyed updating the masses (again, all three of them) on the goings-on of Rowan’s Theatre Program, and I hope to find more to share shortly. I didn’t expect it, but keeping this blog has certainly given me an opportunity to make sense of a lot of conclusions I reached about myself this semester. I’ve undoubtedly grown as a performer and a person, and as the two go hand in hand, I’m happy to have shared that growth in a method that can be shared with others who share my passion.

In my previous post, I covered Rowan’s final show for the fall semester, and considering I already went over my word limit, I couldn’t dedicate too much space to what I thought of the experience. I will now tie that into some parting words in this post instead. Readers, if you take nothing else from this blog, I hope you can remember this: What makes Rowan’s Theatre program worth writing about is its fearlessness and originality in the world of art. The collaboration of acting and dance, the idea that we are not dancers, singers, actors but performers.That we are not each other’s competition but tools for growth. This is what made me choose this school over the other five I had a choice of.

“Love is an unattended pool. Swim at your own risk, but definitely swim” may just as well be every performer’s, and hopefully, every person’s mantra throughout life. Love for another is one thing, but love for yourself and what you do is another entirely. Nothing will ever hurt you more than what you love, take it from the performers. Take it from the people who don’t get cast, who pursue careers that are guaranteed to end at thirty, who face rejection from people and cast lists alike, and those who get told “Do this or we’ll replace you with someone skinnier.” Take it from us, the dreams you have will put you through more than the worst relationship ever could. But do you love it? Then shut up and swim.

I look forward to logging in at random intervals at four in the morning when pretentious stuff like what I just wrote pops into my head. Until then, look back on my greatest hits in case you’re crying because you miss me already:

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Anne Frank, An EgoPo Production

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Viewpoints: Continued

Interview With Lane Savadove

Au Revoir, mes amies!



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