Pina Bausch: A Legend In Time (1940-2009).


From Pina Bausch's "Rite Of Spring."

In honor of the dance -theatre trend spreading around the performance world, I have gathered some essential facts about the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch. Our own professor, director and choreographer Paule Turner is quite obsessed with her, and much of her work is incorporated into the kind of art Rowan Theatre majors produce.

“Dance. Dance. Otherwise, we are lost.”

Rowan’s performance technique is entirely based on merging the world of music, dance and theatre – as we are not individual trades, but different branches of the same tree. Pina Bausch exemplified what it meant to weave works of art together into dance pieces with text and mesmerizing symbolism. Her life was beautiful, her work is magic, and she is greatly missed. But as Paule Turner will tell you, “I don’t talk about her like she’s dead, because her work is still here. And there is so much beauty left behind in her wake.”

"Rite of Spring"


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